Gastrokid Hits the Times

From the department of periodic self promotion: Hugh and I are kinda thrilled to see Gastrokid featured in the New York Times’ Style section today.


The Times has a fun feature on what we, I guess, would term the gastrokid phenomenon – you know, sophisticated but fun cooking for kids. There’s good quotes in the story from Mario Batali, Eric Ripert, chef at Le Bernedin, and……..Hugh and I (among other good characters I should add).

Give it a read if you have the time.

In the knowledge that our traffic might spike a bit today, I wanted to put another one of my periodic calls outs for more Kid Friendly Restaurants of the World reviews. Regular readers may have noticed that we’ve moved our restaurant map to a standalone URL – though you can still find it over in the right side bar of this site.

Hugh has added a few more cool L.A. dining options and I’ll be updating more of your recommendations as they come in (apologies if I haven’t done so already….it’s been pretty busy around here!)

- Matthew

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  1. annulla says:

    Yep, found you via the mention & link in the Times.

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