Kid Friendly Restuarant Google Map

When I’m not trying to put food on the table, both literally and figuratively, I’ve got a bit of a geeky fascination with mashed-up Google Maps… know the way folks customize Google Maps to meet their own niche needs.

Today I hit on a new one from the Guardian that is great fun: it’s a searchable Google Map of all the restaurants in the UK and Europe featured in the paper with links to each review.

(Here’s what El Bulli looks like)

Which got me thinking……if we could get a few more reader submissions on our Kid Friendly Restaurants of the World, I could mash up my own Google Map with links to our Gastrokid reviews and feature it on the blog.

So while I start putting together our current reviews (but bear with me I’m not overly stocked with free time at present) feel free to keep the reviews and recommendations flowing in. With a bit of technology and a lot of luck we may soon have a really cool searchable kid friendly restaurant guide.

- Matthew

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