Masquerading Milk For Kids

In my on-going quest to find milk (any milk) that Z (now weaned….well almost) will drink (scratch cows, goats and soy) I’ve hit on a product that is completely useless for a one year old but might be fun for the older set.

It’s a Sipahh Milk flavouring Straw, available in chocolate, strawberry, banana, caramel, cookies & cream, chocolate-mint, and toffee apple flavours.

Here’s how the Sipahh works. Simply place the straw in a glass of plain milk and the flavour is released. The producer, Unistraw from Australia, says the flavouring equals just 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar to the drink.

I’ll let you evaluate the Sipahh straw’s merits for yourself (it’s pretty obvious this doesn’t exactly fit into the healthy eating part of Gastrokid). Could be just the gimmick you need though to placate that feisty four year old.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Masquerading Milk For Kids

  1. christy says:

    When my brother was a baby, he also refused to drink milk and the doctor had her mix apple juice and milk. It sounds absolutely disgusting to me, but it worked! Of course, this was the early ’80s, so who knows now …

  2. simone says:

    My little one can’t drink cow’s milk so the one that seemed the tastiest to her is Rice Dream rice milk. It’s lighter than soy, a little bit sweet and sometimes we mixed it with some calcium fortified orange juice (which we called a Creamsicle) so that she;d get some extra calcium. good luck!

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