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Sunday Culinary Play Date

There are several culinary projects going on in our household: project pan asia wherein we try to expand our culinary chops, project short ribs wherein in we attempt to perfect the preparation of this succulent cut of beef, and project … Continue reading

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Ridiculously Easy (and Even More Delicious) Pork Loin With Milk

Our little one, Zelda, has decided she hates cow’s milk. We’ve tried it cold, warm, bribed with gingerbread suckable cookies, diluted with water… name it, we’ve tried it but the savvy little girl is having none of it. So we’re … Continue reading

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Vote Gastrokid

…it’s got quite a nice ring about it as slogans go, no? No, we’re not running for public office. Rather, we’ve been nominated for Best Food Blog – Family/Kids by the Well Fed Network. Hugh and I were just thinking, … Continue reading

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Condiment Mania

We’re stepping up Project Pan Asia big time in the household, buying condiments and ingredients that will force a tectonic shift in how we cook. In the interest of such a culinary sea change, I hit the local Thai supermarket … Continue reading

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Another One Bites the Dust – Starbucks Banishes Transfats

Even if you’ve never taken your Gastrokid to Mickey D’s there’s a good bet that he or she has had a nibble on a Starbucks muffin or wrap at some time, no? Who’d have guessed all those little treats were … Continue reading

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Canned Laughter: Roasted Chick Pea Bruschetta

When it comes to coaxing your kids into eating legumes, you could do worse than taking inspiration from a chef who named his flagship restaurant the Italian equivalent of “Daddy” (the restaurant would be Babbo. The chef would be Mario … Continue reading

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Spanish Tortilla – Kiddie Finger Food Heaven

Christmas and New Year falling on a Monday resulted in nearly 10 fun-filled yet exhausting days with the kids. That type of schedule can take its toll on even the most patient of parents (after all how many times in … Continue reading

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