The Last-Minute Breakfast Club

Img_6456As much as I’d love to take credit for it, it wasn’t my idea to make breakfast for my wife this morning. While my wife slept in, five year old Violet, out of the blue, suggested we make a nice breakfast for her. Keep in mind that this is a weekday morning, with both kids needing to be readied for and shuttled to school, with me needing to go to work, with about 47 minutes total to achieve all of the above.

In consultation with each other, while 2 year old Desmond drank his milk, Vi and I assembled a lovely breakfast for my wife out of what few things we had that were a step up from the usual, noisy fruit and yogurt smoothie my wife whips up: we made an omelette (of egg whites. I know it sounds super-lean but we figure if we healthily half the time, we can eat with abandon the rest of the time. Keep in mind we’re coming off a week of dinners that involved super fatty guanciale in some form or another), we peeled and trimmed a nice navel orange into Francophile perfection, we toasted rustic country white and spread it with butter and raspberry jam (I told her when you were in fancy mood you could call it “tartine,” which she thought was funny). My daughter had the brilliant idea of putting butter on one half of the slice and jam on the other, so my wife could enjoy each ingredient in all its glory. A simple tweak that somehow in an instant made all other toast, butter, and jam seem like some sloppy melange. And my wife? She ate breakfast at the table with my kids, taking a 15 minute break from the usual weekday morning maelstrom, and the kids loved every minute of it. What did my kids eat? Their dream breakfast: Trader Joe’s O’s. Later, at bedtime, my daughter told my wife that they’d be making breakfast for me the next morning. I already put in my order: tartine. And very strong coffee.

Quick Weekday Breakfast for Mom
Some scrambled egg whites. A nice piece of fruit. Some buttered toasted bread with a bit of jam. And coffee, for sure. You can riff it, but here’s the quasi-recipe for the eggs:

3 egg whites (yolks discarded; fun for kids to watch. Don’t let them do it if you want to get them to school and you to work on time)
1 pat of butter
salt and pepper

You’ve discarded the yolks, freeing yourself up for a bit of butter, which does make this otherwise super-lean dish an enjoyable one. Melt the butter in a pan over medium high heat until it foams and the foam subsides. Beat the egg whites well with a fork and pour into the hot pan. With a fork, scramble the eggs as they cook, moving them about constantly, until they form a creamy lovely mess that you’d enjoy scooping up with toast. You want it to look appealing and you will get better at achieving this over time (i’m a lifelong yolk-lover, so had to get used to working with less forgiving whites).

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