40 Minute Family Meal: Winter Grilling

Despite my unwavering position that the chicken thigh is the superior-tasting piece of the bird (richer, more flavorful, more tender, etc), I must admit admiration for my wife’s bizarrely simple and satisfying treatment for making the usually dreadfully boring boneless, skinless (free range, organic, etc) chicken breast palatable: marinate the heck out of it in the citrus fruits that are in season right now, such as orange, lemon, and lime. A mix of the three is especially nice (orange for sweet, lemon for moderation, lime for extreme acidity, all for aromatics). She halves and squeezes one of each into a big ziploc bag, along with a few peeled crushed cloves of garlic, and a shot of olive oil (throw the peels in as well; something about the oils in the skin add to the marinade). She tosses in a huge pinch of kosher salt and a few good grindings of black pepper. Then she puts in the chicken, and marinates it all day (yes, I know, this takes more than 40 minutes, but the total prep and cook clocks in right about there). I’ve been grilling it in the occasionally brisk California winter air. There’s something about citrusy-salty grilled chicken cut on the bias, a well dressed and seasoned arugula salad, and toasty piece of garlic-ed and olive oiled bread that make a family nearly forget it’s winter.

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2 Responses to 40 Minute Family Meal: Winter Grilling

  1. Cilantro is a great addition (Cuban style!)

  2. Deborah Dowd says:

    If it’s that good with the breast, I can only imagine how it would be with boneless skinless thighs! I will definitely try this!

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