40 Minute Family Meal: Pizza and Broccoli

Img_6174_4Okay. Sometimes I get into a weird, zen state (very rarely) where the kids are freaking out, my wife is dealing with the freakout, I’m freaking out that I’m entrusted with cooking dinner again. Yet I just do it. Food emerges from the fridge, encounters something or other on the counter, is exposed to heat of some sort, and is then presented and consumed by aforementioned family.

A recent 40 minute whirl in the kitchen somehow yielded this pizza and roasted broccoli. I took a picture. I barely realized it had happened. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Do you enter an out of body sort of state where food seems to prepare itself? Is this like a UFO sighting? Did we actually even eat this? That said: I like the idea of the 40 minute family meal. I can handle 40 minutes of cooking. I think my kids can handle it. I’m going to keep this up. Let us know about your 40 minute family meals (wouldn’t hurt if it had a bit of veg [as Matthew says], a bit of protein, and a bit of starch. Keep it colorful. Keep it quasi healthy).

Oh yeah, the (quasi) recipe. Writing this I now realize that everything but the sage was purchased at Trader Joe’s. Do you sense a pattern? A partisan habit?

TJs pizza dough
quattro fromaggio
red pepper flakes


Olive oil

Heat oven to 450. On one oiled cookie sheet stretch out dough. Top with cheese, prosciuttto, torn sage, red pepper flakes. On another cookie sheet, toss broccolini, a bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper. Roast the pizza and the broccoli for a bit. Check about 20 minutes in. Stir up the broccolini if it’s browning too fast. Remove broccolini when done (usually before the pizza). If the pizza puffs up, carefully pop the puffy bit with a long knife. Remove when it looks perfect (check the bottom now and again to make sure it’s not burnt).

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  1. Maria Bonn says:

    With one toddler, one ten year old, one seventy-seven year old (grand)mother and two parents trying to hold it all together in my house, I’ve found forty minutes to be just about the upper limit. When all else fails, it’s something with from-scratch corn bread, recipe courtesy of Mark Bittman. It can be put together in the time it takes a fifteen month old to eat scrambled eggs (and a Fig Newton at the end) and cooks in the time it takes the same fifteen month old to take a bath. You might have to run downstairs with the fifteen month old in his towel at the end to rescue the bread from the oven. But that’s not a necessary part of the process. The bread smells great and is comforting and tasty and makes whatever you’ve thrown on the table with it seem like a real meal. Anthe baby gets a little before he goes to bed. For a while I was cooking from Trader Joe’s corn bread mix or Dr. Oetker’s organic corn muffin mix and they’re both quite good, but Mark Bittman’s recipe is almost as easy and really nails it.

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