Candied Flower Power

Img_6495At the risk of seeming like some guerilla marketer for Trader Joe’s, I’m calling attention to yet another one of their cool products: candied hibiscus flowers. Yep, full blooms of hibiscus coated in sugar and perhaps some red coloring through some Willy Wonkian process. Sure, it’s just candy in the end, but it’s also incredibly and naturally beautiful and pretty darned tasty. Of course your kids will love the stuff (mine did). Not that kids need further incentive to consume sweets, but the fact that they’re made out real flowers has an exotic, whole food (the true meaning of the words, not the company) appeal.

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3 Responses to Candied Flower Power

  1. From what I’ve heard about Trader Joe, I really wish they were expanding into Canada.

  2. Dyna Chin says:

    Please alert me if you know where we can still find these incredible edibles. Trader Joe’s has discontinued this item and I’ve been searching for them.
    Maybe if enough of us persisted in asking them to reorder, they might?
    I’m in the Tucson/Pheonix area.

  3. Some times things created artificially apeal more than the Natural ones. Your Floral designs are just like that, Colors full of variety and finishing at its extreme.

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