Damage Limitation Bibs With Style

I dunno about your kids but our baby Z is a very enthusiastic eater…..not just what she eats but how she  puts it away. Spoons, forks and both hands tend to get involved in every meal which means even something as minimalist as a grape can take on Pollock-like levels of splayedness in her hands.


Which also means we are always on the look out for new damage-limiting bibs. These jungle and farm designs are cute, tres French and thoroughly wipe-downable. if only they had a trough to catch all that broccoli and pasta they’d be perfect.

Both varieties are available from Igloo, priced £4.00

- Matthew

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5 Responses to Damage Limitation Bibs With Style

  1. Lillie says:

    check out Bumpkin bibs. Complete with trough.

  2. izzy's mama says:

    You might also check out their kiddie plates,they have individual compartments t.v. dinner style. They are quite alluring, even for my almost four year old. We even need to have extras for friends because they all want one.

  3. malika says:

    I’ve given up on trying to keep my daugter’s clothes clean. My favorite strategy is to feed her when she’s wearing only a diaper, and time meals so that they’re followed by a bath. That way she can get beans all over her tummy, applesauce in her hair, asparagus on her eyelids – no big deal! And thank goodness we have a tile floor – I don’t know what I’d do if I was feeding her over a carpet.

  4. lynn says:

    Seriously, best ever bibs are the Dex Dura bib. They’re really hard to find (best bet is Amazon.com). They have a big crumb catcher that sticks out from the bib enough to stop whats headed for the legs. Also, they’re easy to wipe down OR you can throw them in the washing machine! Trust me, best ever.

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