Kiddie Cocktail Fever Takes Hold

Regular readers will know that Hugh and I have been having some fun lately with kiddie-themed cocktails….if only to get our kids to drink milk.

We thought our Weegronis and Virgin White Russians were conducted in the best possible taste but now along comes Fireside at the Omni Berkshire Hotel with its new range of "mocktails."

As New York Magazine recounts (with a double shot of derision we should add): "They’ve even made certain that the lil’ ones will be able to pound ’em [with drinks like] the Cherry Caiparinha [sic], for the 7-year-old who’s nostalgic for that bumpin’ baile funk he experienced last time he was in the Rio favelas."

Frankly, Hugh and I will stick to the advice we’ve always adopted when searching for the best cocktail – make em yourself at home.

- Matthew

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