Modest Mouse

037583901101_aa240_sclzzzzzzz_My wife recently bought my cheese-loving daughter a book that any gastrokid would love. It’s called Anatole, a kid lit classic, by Eve Titus, originally published in 1956. I have vague memories of thumbing through a copy at my grandparents house, but I could be hallucinating an idealized childhood. And if you’ve seen this book and love food, you’ll know what I’m talking about: it’s about a mouse in Paris. To be intentionally vague about it, Anatole is a father who needs to figure out how to feed his growing brood (sound familiar?). He scavenges in a cheese factory, eventually providing anonymous consultation and tasting notes to the cheese company. I don’t want to (rimshot) spoil anything, but it is a fantastic book about friendship, family, and cheese.

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4 Responses to Modest Mouse

  1. Sharon says:

    Pixar is releasing Ratatouille this summer. The movie is about a rat in France whose desire is to become a chef. Perhaps a cousin of Anatole? I’ll look for a copy of the book. Keep your eyes open for the movie release.

  2. izzy's mama says:

    I can’t believe someone else has this book.. A friend found a copy of it for me years ago, when I was in college or something. Thanks for reminding me to dig it out for my son.

  3. Sarah says:

    I was up late watching TV once, and there was a cartoon called Anatole the cheese mouse on the Disney channel. It was adorable, but I’ve never seen it on again. Maybe it’s only on at 3 in the morning when I can’t sleep.

  4. Donald says:

    Anatole immediately came to mind when I read about this “original” concept about a rodent wanting to improve a restaurant on the skids. I hope someone will write in the mainstream press about this…

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