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Candied Flower Power

At the risk of seeming like some guerilla marketer for Trader Joe’s, I’m calling attention to yet another one of their cool products: candied hibiscus flowers. Yep, full blooms of hibiscus coated in sugar and perhaps some red coloring through … Continue reading

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Damage Limitation Bibs With Style

I dunno about your kids but our baby Z is a very enthusiastic eater…..not just what she eats but how she  puts it away. Spoons, forks and both hands tend to get involved in every meal which means even something … Continue reading

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40 Minute Fajitas

A disclaimer from the start – this recipe only qualifies as a 40 minute family meal if you enlist spousal/partner help to make the guacamole. So, roll up your sleeves and here we go… could be a bumpy ride!On your … Continue reading

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Market Report: Pea Tendrils

February in Southern California is a fickle and fabulous thing (Think of it as a sneak peek of what the rest of the Northern Hemisphere will be experiencing in a few months). If the winter is warm, strawberries of some … Continue reading

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Kiddie Cocktail Fever Takes Hold

Regular readers will know that Hugh and I have been having some fun lately with kiddie-themed cocktails….if only to get our kids to drink milk. We thought our Weegronis and Virgin White Russians were conducted in the best possible taste … Continue reading

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40 Minute Family Meal: Pizza and Broccoli

Okay. Sometimes I get into a weird, zen state (very rarely) where the kids are freaking out, my wife is dealing with the freakout, I’m freaking out that I’m entrusted with cooking dinner again. Yet I just do it. Food … Continue reading

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40 Minute Family Meal: Winter Grilling

Despite my unwavering position that the chicken thigh is the superior-tasting piece of the bird (richer, more flavorful, more tender, etc), I must admit admiration for my wife’s bizarrely simple and satisfying treatment for making the usually dreadfully boring boneless, … Continue reading

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The Accidental Snackist: Tofu and Soba Sauce

With stocks running low in the kitchen and five year old Violet hungry in the afternoon, I happened upon a delicious, freakishly easy, and not unhealthy snack. I simply cubed firm organic tofu (we buy ours at Trader Joe’s) and … Continue reading

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Pancetta and Purple Sprouting Pizza

Fresh vegetable shopping can be a somewhat limiting experience this time of the year at our local farmer’s market. Home grown Welsh winter veg tends to start at parsnips and end at turnips. Both of which have excellent tastes (I … Continue reading

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Purple Yummies

My son Dylan hit on a new kiddie cocktail today and spent most of the afternoon perfecting the mix. He calls it a purple smoothie but, between you and me, it’s a subtle blend of Welch’s Grape Juice and milk. … Continue reading

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