Pancetta and Purple Sprouting Pizza


Fresh vegetable shopping can be a somewhat limiting experience this time of the year at our local farmer’s market. Home grown Welsh winter veg tends to start at parsnips and end at turnips.

Both of which have excellent tastes (I hasten to add before the root fanciers society starts writing in) but sometimes, in the dark days of winter, you crave something a little more exotic (and no, Brussels’ sprouts don’t qualify). So imagine my joy yesterday to come across a fresh crop of purple sprouting broccoli.

We had pizza in mind for lunch and my wife and son had already made the dough and stuck it in a warm place to rise (Dylan suggested under the covers of his bed was the warmest place in the house so that’s where it ended up!)

If I was going to make purple sprouting pizza I’d need an complementary ingredient to take this dish to the next level. Luckily the organic pork man had made the trip down to Cardiff yesterday and, even better, he had pancetta with him.

So, equipped with the pancetta and purple sprouting we trooped back home and liberated the pizza dough from the bed. While I made a quick marinara base, Dylan and Jowa created special pizza shapes (Dylan’s skeleton pizza was my fav).

Next I pan-fried the pancetta until it was almost crispy and then added the broccoli (which I’d blanched before). When all was cooked we had Dylan create the pizza topping creations and added the mozzarella.

The result – a slightly salty pork and green veg pizza extravaganza.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Pancetta and Purple Sprouting Pizza

  1. Brandon says:

    That link to Eat the Seasons? I love it.

  2. matthew says:

    Thanks Brandon – happy to oblige

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