The Loneliest Zucchini


Hugh and I must be in the same cosmic vegetable zone at present because, for the last few days, I’ve been staring at what I’ve come to the call "the loneliest zucchini" that is occupying a depressing corner of my fridge.

The vegetable that got left behind is a tragic but regular occurrence in every household. Sometimes it’s a carrot, or maybe a leek; you think there was a good reason for not cooking it with all the others but then the poor legume just languishes as you move onto more plentiful, fresher choices.

Yes you could just wait until you’ve got a selection of lonely veg then make a stir-fry but why not add a side dish treat for your main menu by:

Thinly slicing the zucchini lengthways, dribbling olive oil on the slices, grilling or broiling for three minutes then adding freshly grated parmesan cheese and broiling/grilling again until the cheese has melted.

Your kids will love it and trust me, you’ll be doing the zucchini a favor as well.

- Matthew

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