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Gastrokid Goes Macropsychotic…

…at M Cafe De Chaya, a macrobiotic restaurant on Melrose where Desmond and I had lunch with a friend the other day. Ok, that’s not, fair. Macrobiotic cooking is not psychotic, but that was a hilarious nickname my wife and … Continue reading

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Crispy Maple Syrup Tofu

“Daddy, I want tofu.” You don’t hear that everyday. At least I don’t. 5 year old Vi had seen the tofu in the fridge. It was morning. They’d eaten cereal, a waffle, a smoothie. Why not tofu. I just had … Continue reading

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Understanding Additives

What’s the deal with additives? We take for granted that salt has iodine in it, that our drinking water has flouride and that our milk includes a dose of vitamin D, but have you ever wondered how and why these … Continue reading

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How to Make Papas Relleno?

File this under mystery foods that you know you love but are not quite sure how to prepare. Many years ago I set off on a long sojourn through South America. I’ve been thinking about those care-free backpacking days a … Continue reading

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The Market Report: Parsley

Unsung, underappreciated, overused in underconsidered ways, parsley is a great green, with just a bit of bitterness, but mostly a sweet grassy appeal. My wife and kids out of the house for the day, I found myself provisionless, not having … Continue reading

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Fried Prosciutto-wrapped Caprese Panini

My kids rejected a usually favored sandwich today: a mozzarella, basil, tomato, balsamic, baguette thing we buy from a local sandwich spot now and again. So for dinner I cooked up some tortellini, sauced it with pesto, and served that … Continue reading

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Strawberry Taste Test

We bought two of pints of strawberries this week: one pint of Camarosas (the pint on the left side of the photo), which are a Southern Californian variety that you see a lot in farmer’s markets around here. And one … Continue reading

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Painting with Purple Sprouting

We had an accidental revelation tonight at dinner. We (well my wife actually….I was still trying to get home from work) had put together a 20-minute family meal of shrimp fajitas with sauteed purple sprouting on the side. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Death of the Brussels Sprout (in the UK it seems)

Shocking culinary news from the UK’s Guardian newspaper today. First up. Brits, it seems, have abandoned Brussels Sprouts in favour of more exotic broccoli. Sprouts, apparently, have been used as a pricing indicator for the state of the UK economy … Continue reading

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24 bucks worth of Spring

Market Report: 24 bucks worth of Spring You’re looking at 24 bucks worth of organic, local, spring produce purchased at our local farmer’s market. And here’s what we’re doing with it. For the most part it’s the usual harried parent’s … Continue reading

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