Death of the Brussels Sprout (in the UK it seems)

Shocking culinary news from the UK’s Guardian newspaper today.

First up. Brits, it seems, have abandoned Brussels Sprouts in favour of more exotic broccoli. Sprouts, apparently, have been used as a pricing indicator for the state of the UK economy since 1947. This year though they are being dropped and being replaced by Brocolli and – God forbid – zucchini (though the Brits call them courgettes).

Surely not enough British readers have discovered sprouts sauteed with garlic or Alice Waters style. I’m all for a new campaign to restore Brussels sprouts to their rightful place at the top of the good food chain.

How do you cook yours?

- Matthew

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5 Responses to Death of the Brussels Sprout (in the UK it seems)

  1. Sucar says:

    I cook mine the Nigella way-with chestnuts, bacon and loads of olive oil. Then I hoard them (even though no one else in my family really likes them or wants any.)

  2. Organikal says:

    I like mine halved, then stir-fried in some light olive oil and sesame seeds, served with a splash of toasted sesame oil.
    or a variation on the theme – stir-fried in some light olive oil and mustard seeds, served with a dollop of french mustard.
    But if you don’t like sprouts – you can kill them here

  3. p says:

    Butter. Lots and lots of browned butter.

  4. Jennie says:

    I have to second the chestnut and bacon method. I saute them in the rendered bacon fat, throw in a bit of chicken stock and cover to steam for a couple minutes. Then I uncover, add the chestnuts and a sprinkle of brown sugar and cook on high until stock and butter have reduced to a glaze and the sprouts are caramelized a bit.

  5. Dr. Pugawug says:

    Quartered, roasted at 450 until browned, then drizzled with truffle oil and shaved parmesan. Unbelievably good.
    Shredded into leaves, browned in bacon and shallots is also yummy.

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