Market Report: Pencil Asparagus

Img_6456_6On Sunday we were stuck in our neighborhood for the day, completely surrounded by the Los Angeles marathon, not to mention slowed down by unseasonal near 80 degree heat. So we took our time at the farmer’s market, knowing that it might be the one single significant outing of the day. As our kids played with some buddies they bumped into (a squashed 3-pack of Oxnard strawberries in the bottom of a friend’s pull wagon was the worst casualty), we loaded up on produce. My kids jonesed for a multigrain scone from Rockenwagner bakery (don’t be fooled by the grainy-ness, it must be half butter and a good proportion of sugar); we obliged. We bumped into chef-restaurateur Nancy Silverton (founder of La Brea Bakery, Campanile, and now of Mozza, along with Mario Batali and pals) who tipped us off to the fact that tender and slender pencil aspargus was tasting mighty fine these days.

We bought a couple of bunches of asparagus and back at home used them as part of a lovely breakfast panini. Which we made thusly: first we grilled the asparagus over high heat (after tossing with olive oil and salt and pepper) until they got nicely charred. Meanwhile in pan perched upon the grill’s side burner I browned some butter and scrambled up some eggs (7 total, all but 3 yolks discarded; neither we nor the kids missed or needed the extra cholesterol). Maybe it was the novelty of eggs cooked on the grill burner, but the kids—undeterred by the heat of the just-cooked eggs—must’ve eaten half of them as I finished grill-toasting the bread and charring the asparagus. Then we put the eggs and charred asparagus between slices of grilled, buttered, multigrain bread and had breakfast to shame any mc-something or other.

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