Painting with Purple Sprouting

We had an accidental revelation tonight at dinner.

We (well my wife actually….I was still trying to get home from work) had put together a 20-minute family meal of shrimp fajitas with sauteed purple sprouting on the side.

Here’s the beauty of purple sprouting – if you sautee it on a medium high heat with olive oil so that it locks the flavor in….it also locks the purple in.

And that means, for those of you with white dinner plates, you can woo your kids into the wonder of purple sprouting broccoli by taking a stem and painting with in on your plate.

Not convinced? Pick a nicy juicy stem of purple sprouting and the plate becomes your canvas. Bigger kids will marvel at the chance to paint purple with their vegetable.

They may even eat it.

- Matthew

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  1. Gee says:

    My 2 kids actually love brusselsprouts, I mean really LOVE them, as in my husband and I barely get to eat any because the kids are too busy scarfing them down. I cook them thusly: peel off outer layer or two, slice in half. Blanch in some nice salty boiling water for a minute or two depending on size. Drain, then saute in butter and olive oil until lightly browned all around. The slicing in half is the key, salty, buttery, olivey goodness seeps in, the browning adds a sweetness.

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