The Finest Cured/Smoked Salmon

What’s your favorite smoked/cured salmon?

I know that when I was a kid the only salmon I ever saw came from a can and was stuffed, somewhat unceremoniously it has to be said, into a Sunday afternoon “tea” sandwich (no criticism Mum…just an observation, honest!).

Today though, kids can revel in the luxuries of lox, nova, gravlox and numerous smokehouse varieties of salmon. Spoiled?  Perhaps. But why deny your kids the good stuff – especially when you see the rate at which they devour it.

So let’s start a little global taste-test.

I’d like to recommend both the smoked salmon and smoked trout from Wales’ own Black Mountains Smokery. The quality of fish if outstanding and the flavors good enough for both Dylan and Zelda to devour both fish for breakfast and lunch.

Hugh – gimme your smoked fish thoughts and dear readers, please chime on in.

- Matthew

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5 Responses to The Finest Cured/Smoked Salmon

  1. Hugh says:

    You’ve caught me, Matthew. For once I have no ready opinion. I have fond and fuzzy memories of Russ and Daughters on Houston in NY. I used to go down there on lazy sundays and score various cured, smoked, and otherwise piscine pals: sable and gravlax being my favorite duo. Today i have no equivalent of Russ and Daughters. Nor do I have lazy sundays. Dearest readers?

  2. Maria Bonn says:

    Durham’s Tracklement’s of Ann Arbor ( — the shop is about 25 square feet, sells about five kinds of smoked fish a week and ships all over the world. Knock your socks off. The ten year old is an avid consumer. The eighteen month old’s jury is still out.

  3. izzy's mama says:

    I just wrote about this the other day..see Salmon Balmon, or perhaps you have already read it. We come from a salmon-loving family and enjoy all varieties. Go to Zabar’s in NYC for an incredible selection. We delighted in the double-smoked.

  4. Sebastian Manago says:

    You have to try “Medallion Smoked Salmon” (, from Prince Edward Island. They sell here at the local farmers market, but mail order all over North America. The salmon is smoked lightly and absolutely delicious. My favourite is the Pacific King Salmon.

  5. Maggie Baker says:

    “Medallion Smoked Salmon” ( in Prince Edward Island, Canada is a must try! Their products are a gourmet’s delight and come with a quality guarantee. Their smoked fish products have won numerous Gold Medal Awards from the American Tasting Institute. In 2007 they received the Reader’s Digest Award for The Best Smoked Salmon in Canada. You haven’t had smoked salmon until you’ve had Medallion Smoked Salmon!

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