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Market Report: The Beet Goes On

Beet greens, that is. While chefs and peasants the world round have long known the culinary value of beet greens (that is, the stalks and leaves attached to beets), most folks just discard them and get straight to the business … Continue reading

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Light Posting for Next Couple of Days

It’s a crazy week here in Gastrokid-land guys. Hugh is jet-lagged after a business trip and I’m snowed under with other projects so there’ll be only light foodie thoughts for the next day or two. We’ll be back at full … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

There’s much to be said for the convenience of pre-trimmed, pre-packaged chicken parts, but one thing it deprives you of is a nice chicken carcass with which to make that foundational ingredient of so many fine dishes: homemade chicken stock. … Continue reading

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Kiddie Tipples

The weather’s warm and grown men’s minds turn to……well summer cocktails actually (surprised you I know). And as I’ve been contemplating a new Argentinian Rose or perhaps some new vodka, organic apple/pear juice cocktail that has so far stayed unnamed, … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Gastrokid’s Breakfast?

The other morning, we were having breakfast and Dylan, his bowl loaded up with some coconut and dried fruit granola mixed with organic Cheerios and a few of those new Weetabix Minibix (yep the ones with chocolate), put on his … Continue reading

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Pancetta, Wild Mushroom, Garlic, Olive Oil and Thyme

I like that as a headline. That says it all. All except linguine. Which you boil in salted water. I’m really into the simplicity of this. The satisfaction of it. So…. 1 pound linguini 4 ounces pancetta chopped 3 big … Continue reading

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Kiddie Picnic Kimbap (or Kim pap or Gimbap)

We went to an impromptu picnic this weekend and wanted to take something fun, finger-friendly and kiddie-friendly to snack on. Enter Kimbap (see title for alternate spellings), the Futomaki-like Korean snack that is fun for the family to make and … Continue reading

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Tortilla Beet Salad Wrap Thingy

I’’ve always hated wraps. Maybe it’s because I don’’t like biting into a burrito and getting ambushed with a salad. But that’’s exactly what I did to my kids the other day, when they refused to eat a green salad … Continue reading

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A Bizarre Experiment Apropos of Mayo

Before you think I’’ve gone off my rocker I will preface this post with this setup: strawberries and cream. Strawberry ice cream. Strawberry cream cheese. And I’’ll keep going with my setup: I’’ve also heard of strawberry coulis served with … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Bento

Time for a media moment today here on Gastrokid. The Guardian has a great little feature about one mother’s dedication to her cultural bent (or bento) and also to guaranteeing that her children eat a great lunch. Most days since … Continue reading

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