Fast Snack: Goat Cheese and Apple

Cheese-freak, five year old Vi saw the herbed goat cheese in the cheese drawer (note to self: in future keep cheese in less visible spot than the transparent drawer labeled “Cheese Drawer.”) and said: Dad, I want goat cheese. It was 20 minutes before dinner. I knew (because I’d been on Dad [hence food] duty all day) that she’d pretty much only had eggs, cheese, and bread all day. No produce. No nothing else. I saw an apple, sliced it up, spread some goat cheese on the apple slices, and in (no kidding) 73 seconds or so it all was gone. I know it’s nothing so novel: apple and cheese. But still, the bait and switch got her that apple a day.

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2 Responses to Fast Snack: Goat Cheese and Apple

  1. Sucar says:

    What a good idea! My son is pretty much on the flour and cheese diet-cheese pizza, grilled cheese, macaroni (any pasta really) and cheese. We have to practically make a bargain with the devil to get him to try one blueberry (so he will remember that he likes them). I’m glad to hear that he’s not the only little person who needs to join Cheeseaholics Anonymous.

  2. Brandon says:

    How are our children surviving? I’m lucky if I can get my daughter to eat one piece of fruit a day (rarely, if ever, any vegetables). I don’t remember my own mother worrying about vegetables (or even fruit) until dinner came around–are we just too concerned for our own good? Peanut butter is my solution–although now I’m tempted to see if I can smash some feta cheese (my daughter’s favorite–I wonder if I could tell her goat cheese is just smooth variation of it?) on the things in my fruit bowl now.

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