Kiddie Tipples

The weather’s warm and grown men’s minds turn to……well summer cocktails actually (surprised you I know).

And as I’ve been contemplating a new Argentinian Rose or perhaps some new vodka, organic apple/pear juice cocktail that has so far stayed unnamed, I’m also aware that I shouldn’t be neglecting the kids in this traditional rite of Spring.


Hence my fascination with exploring the Original Guide to Alcohol-Free Beverages and Drinks by Robert Plotkin. The guide promises virgin versions of the world’s classic cocktails plus ice-cream beverages, a guide to smoothies and a new take on lemonade.

I’ll be ordering the book soon. In the meantime the kids will have to make do with the apple/pear juice while I use it to stir up a stiff new sipping recipe.

- Matthew

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  1. jan biss says:

    Matthew, you had boiled eggs, cereals, toast & marmalade, probably no fruit, when you were young. This was considered to be healthy at that time. I remember vividly rushing you to A&E because you were choking on egg-shell. All this at the tender age of 18 months!

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