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40 Minute Family Meal – Easterish Lamb (and Chicken) Kebobs

It’s a rare occasion when Easter weekend coincides with warm weather here in Wales. When it does you have to seize the day and fire up the grill. With this in mind we cooked an Easter Saturday feast this weekend … Continue reading

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Little Man Tan (a poem of food rejection)

Pine nuts, banana, rustic white bread, was the dinner eaten by Desmond instead of the salty rib eye, eaten by Vi, along with beet greens, feta, pine nuts, and mint. His refusal to eat was much more than a hint. … Continue reading

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Skating on Thin Ice

Now I know why skate isn’t as ubquitous a fish on our menus as, say, tuna, salmon, sea bass, and just about every other really easy to cook and overfished fish: because it’s way trickier than you’d think. Especially when … Continue reading

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Fast Snack: Goat Cheese and Apple

Cheese-freak, five year old Vi saw the herbed goat cheese in the cheese drawer (note to self: in future keep cheese in less visible spot than the transparent drawer labeled “Cheese Drawer.”) and said: Dad, I want goat cheese. It … Continue reading

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Market Report: Mixed Roasted Vegetables

We’d overbought at the market and had new produce coming in from the most recent run.The crisper drawers were getting a bit crowded, so I decided to roast up all the hearty vegetables in a single pan at 425 degrees. … Continue reading

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