The Beauty of Bento

Time for a media moment today here on Gastrokid. The Guardian has a great little feature about one mother’s dedication to her cultural bent (or bento) and also to guaranteeing that her children eat a great lunch.

Most days since 2003 Mimi Ito has taken a photo of the school lunchbox she prepares for her children and published it on her Flickr blog. Each day the bento box might include lip-smackingly good combinations of spinach goma-ae, fried satsumaimo, onigiri (seaweed rice balls) and even artfully packaged PB&B sandwiches or mini hamburgers.

Her children, nine and six, "prefer to east the lunches I make, and I also prefer that they don’t eat the food at school."

Take a look at Mimi’s preparations and marvel at the school lunch reinvented.

- Matthew

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One Response to The Beauty of Bento

  1. Peggy says:

    I love this bento idea for the kiddies! Just found this bentoblog last week, and am hoping to implement some of her tips. I just need to buy a bento lunch box first!

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