Burrata Barrage

Img_7272_1My wife hosted a party recently at which, somehow, freakishly, 3 pieces of burrata were leftover (burrata, if you don’t know, is a super rich version of mozzarella, in which he ball of mozzarella’s heart is all unctuous molten curd and cream we bought ours at Joan’s On Third). One gastrofamily-friendly cookbook is London’s River Cafe’s Italian Two Easy (super easy and gorgeous recipes; beautiful book), which has a chapter devoted to salads built around mozzarella. I’d just been to the farmer’s market. I had the mozz. I spent the better part of two hours prepping 3 salads. All of them eaten by the kids (except the fava bean one, which the kids seemed to treat with about as much romanticism as we would a lima bean salad; that is: they ignored it).

The salads are:
fava, black olive, arugula, and mozz
beet, tomato, capers, and mozz
squash blossoms, julienned squash, mint, arugula, parmesan

The kids did: cut up the mozzarella with plastic knives. Both kids and adults agreed that mozzarella is just about the most fun substance on earth to slice.

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