Chimichangas al Galesa

Okay, so I made that name up in the headline.

But its rough translation – Welsh-style chimichangas – speaks volumes to the mini-revelation I experienced this week at our local farmers’ market.

Mally Hann of our local homemade bakery, Bake My Cake, specialises in nuevo chimichangas (along with fantastic mini-muffins to boot). I’ll be completely honest – Mally’s contraptions bear almost zero resemblance to the grease-laden deep-fried pockets of joy that I’ve tasted in Arizona (Tucson vies with Sonora, Mexico in claiming to be the birthplace of the chimi).

But I digress….because the whole point of this post is to celebrate chimichangas not as a cultural icon but instead as a brilliant delivery device for many different flavors – in this particular case, potato, red pepper, roasted onions and goats cheese.

Mally’s chimis aren’t even deep fried. She makes her own wholewheat flour tortillas, then bakes her chimichangas so that the pockets fuse in much the same way that they would when deep-fried.

Oh, and another thing – they are the perfect size for toddler hands and mini-adventurous palettes.

So let’s take a moment to celebrate a Welsh version of a Mexican (or American Southwest) food icon. After all, if such a great culinary icon’s heritage is in dispute, why shouldn’t some Celtic cousins add their own flavours to the mix.

- Matthew

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