Chips n’ Yoghurt – A New Favorite Kiddie Snack

My little boy has hit on what could be the perfect Gastrokid and Gastrodult snack: mango chilli potato chips with a natural Greek yoghurt dip.


Where he conjured this competing but complementary taste combo from I have no idea. But it works so well that it’s become my new fav aperitivo companion.

We snack on Kettle Mango Chilli crisp/chips and our local organic Greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt.

Half healthy and half indulgent, Chips n’ Yoghurt are banishing the hunger pains in our household.

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2 Responses to Chips n’ Yoghurt – A New Favorite Kiddie Snack

  1. Faith says:

    What a great idea! I love your blog- awesome ideas!!!

  2. I’m healthy food lover, just like yourself. I just want to let you know that I found your blog to be very useful and inspiring. I’ve just subscribed to the RSS feed, keep up the good work.

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