Corn on the Cob Holders For the Little Finger Set

Both our kids love corn on the cob. But while our eat-everything 17-month old daughter is still content to devour all the family’s discarded ears (corn of course….we ain’t cannibals or zombies or anything) our four year-old now takes exception to having bits of corn and butter on his hands.


Enter Zyliss‘ super-kid cool and Alessi-like Interlocking Corn Holders. Now our son gets to eat corn like a king and keep his hands clean at the same time.

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2 Responses to Corn on the Cob Holders For the Little Finger Set

  1. Kim says:

    I just bought these…on clearance, no less.
    I love the the interlocking feature–no more accidentally poking my fingers while I dig through the drawer looking for a full set!

  2. matthew says:

    yeah I love the interlocking part as well – and my little boy loves the fact that he has his very own set.

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