Dough, Doh

Speaking of fried stuffed doughy latinesque foods, here on the other side of the world we picked up some empanadas at a local Mexican spot called Tere’s Mexican Grill (5870 Melrose in Hollywood). It’s near Paramount Studios and is beloved by foodies and families and foodie families alike. They have a light-seeming touch with many dishes, including a chicken mole made with skinless boneless yet still with real depth of flavor, fish sopes, and enchiladas that are sauced just so (tho I suspect some stealth lard here and there; it’s that good). And then there are the empanadas: deep fried things, served with sour cream and pico de gallo, stuffed with potatoes and chorizo. Puffy crispy greasy things that are dangerously delicious. I gave Violet just one bite. The ferocity with which she consumed it validated my decision to give her the very last bite, stopping an inevitable feeding frenzy in its tracks. The quesadilla, guacamole, fresh-fried tortilla chips, and scavenging bites of my enchiladas rojas (beef version) would have to suffice. What did Desi eat? A side order of rice and beans, Lard Edition, of course.

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