Eating on Vacation

We just spent a week on the island of Mallorca and put our Gastrokids to the test of eating in a foreign land.

They did pretty great. Every day we ventured to a new outdoor restaurant for a long two-hour lunch. And every day the kids nibbled on the tapas, sucked down the pineapple juice then went their separate ways on the main course.

D. our four year-old (and newly fussy eater) fell in love with croquetas de bacalao (cod croquettes) at an early stage in the trip and pretty much stuck to the cheesy cod and potato contraptions from there on in. Z, our 16 month-old eating machine took a particular liking to seafood stuffed mussels – she would grab the shells from our plates and lick the shellfish cheesy mash (spot a kid-friendly theme here?) from the mollusc.

Her undisputed favourite however was paella. She ate plates of the stuff, picking up indelible saffron oil stains on every piece of her and our clothing in the process.

This Spanish culinary experimentation has inspired me to replicate some of the tapas dishes the kids liked at home so stay tuned.

One final note on vacation eating. Come the evening, we kept the kids really happy by offering them a home-cooked comfort food alternative to the lunchtime feast. Who knew kids could devour pasta and cheese/bolognese followed by ice cream five days in a row?

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