Fast Fava Pasta

We recently spent the better part of an afternoon peeling and blanching fava beans, but Whole Foods sells frozen peeled favas that aren’t half bad for a weeknight meal of fava, mint, pecorino and prosciutto pasta. And the whole frozen set-up turns this formerly exotic ingredient into a convenience food. Here’s an entirely knifeless (and cutting board-less) approach if you want enlist the kids, or feel like minimizing dish washing:

-boil enough water to cook a pound of linguine, salt it
-microwave the favas according to the package. 2 cups or so.
-tear up some prosciutto (Six or so slices; how small? small enough that you’d want to eat it on a forkful of linguine)
-tear up some mint
-grate pecorino until you’ve got a cup and half or so

-cook the pasta and drain

-in a big bowl combine the favas, prosciutto, mint, pecorino, and pasta

-hit it with a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a pinch of red pepper flakes

-mix it up

-taste it

-if it’s missing something, add it: could it be saltier? add more salt. could it be richer? add some olive oil. could it be looser (i.e. could it be less gloppy and dense?), then add some pasta cooking water. just enought to loosen it up without drowning it.

-This should all take about 18 minutes total

-and the easiest part?

…those microwaved favas

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