Grate Expectations

Img_6474That’s a better headline than Peel Expectations, or the Peel Sessions (Brit music fans will like that reference), or Peel Me a… Still, this isn’t technically about grating. It’s about peeling. Long way of saying that my kids (5.5 and 2.5 yrs old) both handily proved themselves to be adept salad prep parmesan tuile peelers tonight at dinner. I’m not suggesting you give them a peeler and let them have at it, rather, I’m saying let them have a go at peeling a chunk of parmiggianno reggiano or some other hard cheese while you hold the cheese itself (get ready to pull back. Fast. if you need to. A peeler is still technically an edged implement; we used the most basic Oxo model, bought a good year ago or so. Still holding its edge) ). Of course, demonstrate the technique first. This is no time for improvisation. And I swear I’m not imagining this, but they both certainly seemed way more interested in finishing their salad tonight.

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