Great Grub Club Gang Wants You to Eat Veg

Can a bunch of cartoon characters really convince your kids to give up the fries for carrots?

That’s what the World Cancer Research Fund hopes to achieve with the introduction of a new website aimed  at encouraging healthy eating and a more active lifestyle for four to seven-year-olds.


The Great Grub Club website "introduces children to a new world of fruit and
vegetables they may not have tried before and encourages them to cook
with them and even to grow them," says the BBC.

Also featuring online culinary games, quizzes and food facts, the site hopes to open kids’ minds to healthy eating (though labelling fast food burgers "evil" seems a little puritanical and might backfire in our opinion).


The WCRF is involved because it believes bad diets are reinforced during childhood and then are tough to correct later in life."We also know that a diet rich in plant-based foods,
fruit and vegetables, can reduce cancer risk, as can being more
physically active," says the fund.

It seems like a good idea but there’s a long way to go before the Grub Kids can give Ronald McDonald a run for his money.

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