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Stealth Green Vegetables – Spinach Quesadillas

A super simple, super quick snack for all the family. Take one flour tortilla (burrito-sized preferably) and place in a non-stick skillet on a medium heat. Cover liberally with freshly grated cheese of choice – we like medium sharp cheddar … Continue reading

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Forty Minute Family Meal: Puffy Spring Omelette

Local eggs, sweet asparagus, fresh mint, and shaved pecorino are a perfect weekend family brunch (or weeknight dinner) that state the season succinctly and efficiently. And a big honking omelette is one of the tidiest and cheapest ways of feeding … Continue reading

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Corn on the Cob Holders For the Little Finger Set

Both our kids love corn on the cob. But while our eat-everything 17-month old daughter is still content to devour all the family’s discarded ears (corn of course….we ain’t cannibals or zombies or anything) our four year-old now takes exception … Continue reading

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Burrata Barrage

My wife hosted a party recently at which, somehow, freakishly, 3 pieces of burrata were leftover (burrata, if you don’t know, is a super rich version of mozzarella, in which he ball of mozzarella’s heart is all unctuous molten curd … Continue reading

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Eating on Vacation

We just spent a week on the island of Mallorca and put our Gastrokids to the test of eating in a foreign land. They did pretty great. Every day we ventured to a new outdoor restaurant for a long two-hour … Continue reading

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Dough, Doh

Speaking of fried stuffed doughy latinesque foods, here on the other side of the world we picked up some empanadas at a local Mexican spot called Tere’s Mexican Grill (5870 Melrose in Hollywood). It’s near Paramount Studios and is beloved … Continue reading

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Chimichangas al Galesa

Okay, so I made that name up in the headline. But its rough translation – Welsh-style chimichangas – speaks volumes to the mini-revelation I experienced this week at our local farmers’ market. Mally Hann of our local homemade bakery, Bake … Continue reading

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Aimee’s Grilled Zucchini

As we head further into Zucchini season, we’re going to have to come up with many more fresh angles on how to cook this soon to be ubiquitous vegetable. My beautiful and talented wife came up with this great and … Continue reading

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Baskin Robbins V. Pinkberry

The temperature broke 90 degrees fahrenheit in Los Angeles today, leading my wife to offer my wilting children a frozen treat run after school. “Do you want Pinkberry?” she asked, proferring the preposterously popular frozen yogurt that’s proliferating through posher … Continue reading

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Bean Counting

Fava beans, that is. We bought a bunch at our neighborhood farmer’s market this weekend for $1.50 a pound. It was comparison shopping of sorts, my wife having bought a some frozen favas at Whole Foods the week prior. She’d … Continue reading

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