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The 40 Minute Family Meal: Alder Smoked Hamburgers with Fennel Salad and Tomatoes

It sounds fancy, but it was born of laziness. In a half-hearted attempt to increase the flavor factor of some burgers I merely flipped a half charred plank of alder conveniently (messily) still on the grill from the previous night’s … Continue reading

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Gastrokid Taste Test: Unpasteurized Cheese Tasting

While the fda suggests otherwise (and I’m not going to get into the science or health aspects of it), I side with the French and the Italians and the gastrofamilies of just about every other great cheese country that’s survived … Continue reading

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Tuesday Market Report Addendum: Going Wild for Wild Garlic

Take a walk in the hills outside my hometown of Cardiff at this time of year and you can’t help but be captivated by sea of white flowers accompanied by the alluringly pungent aroma that tells you you’ve stumbled upon … Continue reading

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