School Meals for Toddlers

Prompted by the current conversational flurry over kid’s menus, I decided to take a fresh look at the dining options my son’s nursery school offers.

No chicken fingers there I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover.

Here’s what my four year-old was chowing down on today:

Mushroom and Bacon or Fresh pesto sauce pasta served with garlic bread and a side salad followed by fresh fruit.

Other days feature great sounding dishes like Moroccan chicken with apricots served with cous cous, Pork and apple pan-fry served with rice and salad and even Butternut squash risotto.

Many of the kid menu staples such as Lasagna, burgers and Spag Bol are also on the menu but all are home-cooked each morning by the on-site chef.

Tasty healthy eating certainly begins at home but it’s nice to know that your kids aren’t skimping at school meal-times either.

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  1. Those menus sound so great. I also love the menus from the French preschool.
    We recently launched a healthy lunch delivery service for toddlers at child care centers north of Boston. We do “tasting menus” with entrees that include nutritious versions of some basics (pasta salad, pizzas — inspired by your blog’s pizza palate expansion project, sandwich wraps, etc.); a fruit or veggie side; a dipping sauce; dessert. We’re convinced that children will eat nutritious, balanced meals if (1) they taste great; (2) they look great; and (3) every now and then they include a sticker or a baseball card.
    Here’s a link to our current menu:
    Keep up the great posts!

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