Spring a Leek (or just grill one)

Leeks are lovely: sweeter than a scallion and about ten times the size, less pungent than an onion, and all over the market in spring. And while leeks are usually bit of a pain to cook and clean (there’s that dirt that gets trapped in between the layers, necessitating a post chop rinse and drain), I stumbled upon an easy way of getting them into a state handy for various purposes throughout the week: trim the green tops off, slice them in half lengthwise, rinse, dry, olive oil salt and pepper, then grill over medium heat for about `8 or so minutes each side until tender.

And what does one do with them, once cooked thusly?:
-chop and put on a pizza with black olives
-make an omelette and stuff with leeks and feta
-add to a fricasse of fennel and asparagus (first sauteed in olive oil, then steamed by a splash of water and closed lid), which goes quite nicely with fish or pork or lamb for that matter

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