Stealth Green Vegetables – Spinach Quesadillas

A super simple, super quick snack for all the family.

Take one flour tortilla (burrito-sized preferably) and place in a non-stick skillet on a medium heat.

Cover liberally with freshly grated cheese of choice – we like medium sharp cheddar in our house. Add a good clump of spinach leaves (on this side of the pond there is no health advisory…..though it has been lifted in the US by now no?)

Add a dash of Tabasco depending on your Gastrokid’s spice palette.

As the cheese melts into the spinach, fold the tortilla in half and flip cooking for about one minute more.

Cut into moon slices and serve. Total time = 5 mins.

Repeat until adult and kiddie snack needs are sufficed. Add some roasted red peppers for tasty sweet addendum.

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