Tuesday Market Report Addendum: Going Wild for Wild Garlic

Take a walk in the hills outside my hometown of Cardiff at this time of year and you can’t help but be captivated by sea of white flowers accompanied by the alluringly pungent aroma that tells you you’ve stumbled upon a copse of wild garlic.

There’s a reason for this Wordsworth/Thoreau change of form: This Sunday, at our farmer’s market one of the local vendors was selling bunches of, yes, wild garlic….long, thinly shaped leaves complete with the delicate white flowers.


We came home, removed the flowers, and quickly sauteed the leaves with just a touch of olive oil – nothing more.

They made a perfect accompaniment to grilled pork chops and Spanish rice.

- Matthew

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One Response to Tuesday Market Report Addendum: Going Wild for Wild Garlic

  1. Anon says:

    Sounds lovely. Can you get wild garlic in the US?

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