A Gastrodad/Gastrokid Cheese Tasting

On our recent “you can pick out anything you want” foodie family field trip to Whole Foods, Five year old Vi picked out these two cheeses. After a half hour in the trunk of my car in Southern California summer heat, when we got home they were nice and ready for a tasting. Herewith, a he-said, she-said tasting report:

Mitica Mahon

Gastrodad: a tangy and sweet semisoft cow’s milk cheese from Spain with a slight herbal notes

Gastrokid: It taste like carrots.

Redwood Hill Goat Cheese, Camellia:

Gastrodad: A delicate and pearl white camembert-style goat cheese. Fully ripe and soupy. you could eat it with a spoon. Ever so slightly goaty.

Gastrokid: It’s good. It tastes like goat cheese.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I love the concept of “pick anything you want from Whole Foods.” I have flirted with the concept with my kids but not made it so explicitly clear. Cheers for clarity. Our next shopping trip will be “pick anything you want.” Thanks for the inspiration.
    For what it’s worth, my little cheese loving daughter wanted a California cheddar on a recent trip that I otherwise may have never tried. She proceeded to make some very healthy meal choices just to have that cheese on the plate. Here’s to empowerment.

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