Coconut Rice and the Makings of an Instant Meal

While Hugh is taking on the slow, slow food culture with his crespelles, I’m about to embrace its ultimate antithesis…well, in the time taken to prepare a meal at least.

I’m here to praise the virtues of coconut rice, either a kid-friendly sweet accompaniment to any grilled or baked meat or fish dish (especially if you’re cooking with a bit of spice), or as the building blocks of a super quick Caribbean/Asian fusion style risotto.

What am I talking about? Well try adding shrimp or chicken, along with roasted red peppers, sauted zucchini or even mange tout to you coconut rice as it is cooking and before you know it you have an instant, 15 minute meal.

Here’s how I make plain coconut rice as a side dish and then I’ll let you guys mix and match your own additions.

Half a cup of American white rice or even Thai Jasmine rice
One teaspoon of peanut or sesame oil
One can of coconut milk
salt and pepper for taste

Heat the oil in a saucepan and then add the rice, stirring in so that it is fully coated. Add the coconut milks and heat over a medium-low heat, uncovered, until most of the milk has evaporated and the rice is sticky but not swimming in liquid.

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Coconut Rice and the Makings of an Instant Meal

  1. Martha says:

    Wonder if this would work in a rice cooker?

  2. matthew says:

    Yep, works fine in a rice cooker but you need to reduce the ratio of rice to milk. Try a 1:1 ratio as the rice cooker traps in the moisture and hence you need less coconut milk.

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