Foodie Family Field Trip: San Francisco. The Mission.

Img_6459While I love all that Southern California/Los Angeles has to offer the foodie family (year round grilling weather, a nearly infinite array of ethnic dining, farmer’s markets with both culinary quality and style, world class sushi, good local straweberries appear in the markets in february) I do cede one point to San Francisco: you’ve got us beat when it comes to moderately priced neighborhood restaurants dishing up artisanal food with a maximum of quality and a minimum of pretense. We took the kids up north this past weekend and landed in the Mission where we barely skimmed the surface in our foodie family foraging. The highlights (or shall we say teasers, as we’ve got longer reports on the following to come) of this trip:

Delfina Pizzeria: fish fritti with aioli. Salty, crunchy, tart from a spritz of lemon, enriched with aioli. The cross-family hit: both the novelty of eating entire animals (these little fishies had their heads on) and just darned good eating.

Tartine: The jazz ban entranced and entrapped the kids. The mexican wedding cake’s name alone had 5 year old Vi sold. The one two punch of a biscotti with a macchiato picked mom up.

Bi Rite Creamery: Chocolate and vanilla for the kids, salted caramel for the grownups.

La Taqueria: chicken tacos for Vi, a carnitas burrito proves Des is a pork-avore (and does not disprove his brown-food-only rule)

Stay tuned for full reports and pics.

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One Response to Foodie Family Field Trip: San Francisco. The Mission.

  1. Dr. Pugawug says:

    Mmmm, carnitas. La Taqueria’s is the Platonic ideal (and very popular with Pugawug, too).
    Not on the menu: order your taco “dorado,” fried crispy with melted cheese. Unbelievably good (but a little hard for tiny teeth to crunch, so more for Mom and Dad).

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