Messy Meals (in this case Cous Cous)

Cous cous is a big hit in our house with kids and adults alike, but boy is it messy.

Tonight we served it with a really fun Moroccan chicken, apricot, capers, olives and date recipe we like (will post that another time) and I spent a good 10 minutes doing postprandial floor sweeping. And that’s just the stuff that escaped the splat mat.

There’s no real solution to this; after all we get fall-out from pasta and rice as well, it’s just that those cous cous grains are so tiny!

I guess it’s just the sacrifice we have to make for our starch!

- Matthew

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2 Responses to Messy Meals (in this case Cous Cous)

  1. L-A says:

    no kidding! my kid’s addicted to it and i can pretty much smuggle any dreaded veggie into a bowl of cous cous and get away with it. last time, i actually put newspaper down on the floor, like we were having a crab boil. i felt ridiculous spreading it out at first, but when dinner was over, i just wrapped it all up and that was that. i probably won’t do it again…but maybe i will.

  2. You may already be onto this trick, but if not, it’s worth sharing . . . always wait a little while before attempting to clean up couscous. Once it dries up (which happens fairly quickly), it can easily be picked up with a dustbuster or similar.

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