Nice Spread

Img_7519On our Foodie Family Field Trip to San Francisco we stopped in to see some good friends who just had a baby boy (the father also has a brilliant blog). While the babe’s only two months old and on a 100 percent lactarian diet, his pretty much brand new parents put together an extremely impressive spread for us and our kids. Good to see a babe being raised right from the get go.

-Cowgirl Creamery St. Pat’s cheese (a fresh seasonal springtime cheese, made with organic milk, wrapped in stinging nettles!)

-chutney (i didn’t eat this for some reason, hence my total ignorance here)

-fig and nut cake

-walnuts: both roasted and pickled! (those are the black, truffle-y looking things in the smallest bowl. I first had these things on a trip to Australia with our host and it was good to see and taste the homage to our travels)

-home-made roasted bacon-wrapped dates, a la A.O.C. in Los Angeles (whose brilliant chef Suzanne Goin just had twins)

-salumi, with a bit of sliced cucumber for color and contrast
parmesan toasts

-assorted olives (just out of the picture)

-a cross vintage Russian River pinot noir tasting (no kids involved here). Our fave: a 2004 Pinot Noir “Cuvee de Troise” from Joseph Swan Winery

-lambrusco (a sparkling red wine. Again, adults only)

-the black stuffed Ice Bat from Ugly Doll in the front of the picture was purely for garnish

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