Tooth Fairy Inflation

Kids losing teeth is tangential to our Gastrokid mission I’m the first to admit but there’s a great story in the UK Daily Mail today about the high cost of playing tooth fairly nowadays.

In the UK, researchers (who are these people?) have looked at the amount of compensation the "tooth fairy" hands out for each kiddie tooth lost. Twenty five years ago, a gap-toothed child might expect to get 25p (50 cents) under his or her pillow in exchange for a missing molar. Today, the average recompense is £1.05.

That, Gastrokid readers, is a 500 per cent raise in the last two decades and translates into a £20 million industry each year. Not bad work if you can get it!

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One Response to Tooth Fairy Inflation

  1. JS says:

    We (that is, the Tooth Fairy) just paid $1 last Saturday. And he was happy to get it.

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