A Gastrofamily Goes Hunting at Whole Foods

Over the weekend I was home with the kids and needing to make a grocery store run. The kids were stuck in one of those inertial loops that can be nearly impossible to break out of. They came up with every excuse not to go: it was cold out, they were happy playing with their toys, mom wasn’t around and they wanted to go as a family. I could’ve just brusquely marched them to the car and suffered a miserable, whine-filled trip to the store. But that’s never a good idea. Then Desi said: “I’m a shark.” That gave me an idea. I said: “Hey shark. Do you want to go to the store and pick out a fish to eat?” Desi said: “Yeah!” Violet said: “I’m a mouse. Can I pick out a cheese?” I said: Any cheese you want. And then I asked them: “What animal should I be? I want to buy meat. So that makes me a carnivore.” And Violet said: “You’re a T-Rex.” And off we went.

Desi picked out a Dungeness crab and an Orata.
Violet snagged a wedge of Mitica Mahon Cow’s milk and a little wheel of Redwood Farms Camellia goat cheese.
I got me about 6 pounds of beef ribs.
Reports and recipes to follow.

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