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Vacation Days

Both Hugh and I are taking a couple of weeks vacation starting tomorrow. We’ll be back firing on all cylinders and with vacation-inspired recipes and stories starting on August 15th. If you are heading off yourselves, enjoy those dog days … Continue reading

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How Companies Market Food and Candy to Our Kids

Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of children’s food marketers? The Guardian tagged along recently to a day-long kid’s marketing "masterclass" titled: How do you create effective yet ethical campaigns that excite both children and their parents? Attendees … Continue reading

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Memories of Vacation Dining – Frit Mallorqui

Fry up, that mishmash hash of leftover veg, potatoes and sometimes meat (or fish), is one of my favourite meals. It also makes great kids’ food as you can pack in veg and nutrients while disguising all goodness in the … Continue reading

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Market Report: Ventresca Vent

Of all the foods we’re told not to eat, top-grade tuna is proving to be the hardest one for me to kick completely. It’s not that I was eating all the time. I was never a habitual tuna salad, seared … Continue reading

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Seattle’s New Kid-Friendly Restuarant Guide

Regular readers of Gastrokid know we crave good info on kid-friendly restaurants around the world. Now comes a new book from the Hungry City Guide folks dedicated to family eating in Seattle. (Thanks Cookie magazine for the tip off). Of … Continue reading

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Mark Bittman: Gastrokid at Heart

We’ve been longtime fans of Mark Bittman, New York Times columnist, author of the Minimalist series of cookbooks, the definitive How to Cook Everything and any other number of other excellent cookbooks. His omnivorousness, accessibility, good humor, and basic message … Continue reading

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Boar Bacon Penne Amatriciana – A Sunday Night Savior

This is sort of like a 40-minute family meal but instead, it’s a Sunday evening 40 minute solo "Daddy who has procrastinated all weekend and now has a deadline due tomorrow" morning meal. Picture the scene: I’m hungry, on my … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain, Gastrodad

A sincere and belated Gastrokid congratulations to Anthony Bourdain and his wife Ottavia Busia on the birth of their now three month old daughter. While the birth was reported back in April, this week on the excellent food blog Ruhlman … Continue reading

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My Babies, My Baby Octopus

Over four years ago, when I first introduced my daughter Violet (at left, with baby octopus) to baby octopus when she was less than two years old at one of Los Angeles’ best Italian restaurants (that would be Angelini Osteria), … Continue reading

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NYT Offers an Exhaustive (and Exhausting) Guide to a Week’s Family Meals

It’s good to have a plan and Leslie Kaufman, writing in today’s New York Times’ Dining Section, shares her "Mom’s Guide to Working, Living and Feeding two kids (and one husband) week in week out". Okay, the story isn’t called … Continue reading

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