Market Report

We’re seeing more nectarines and pluots at the farmer’s markets here in Southern California. They’ve not yet achieved that insanely perfect sweet/sour balance that you get with mid and late summer stone fruit, but man, they’re much better than most of the stuff you ever get at a super market, or even a whole foods (where much of the produce, as you probably know, is seldom as local as you’d like it). While some of the under ripe fruit was just fine, the over ripe, almost too fragile specimens were ideal, the sugars and juices at their upper limit, the fruit nearly falling apart before you even slice into it. The kind, if you’re feeling efficient, you simply eat over the sink. Or give to your kids, who you’d be wise to hose off afterwards.

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  1. Fiksu says:

    Over-ripe, over-sugared — fine. Eat it all that afternoon, hose the kids down, and skip dinner if you must. But mealy — mealy is unforgivable in a stone fruit, and you can’t know a mealy fruit until you bite into it. We’ve seen a lot of disappointing fruit this summer!

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