NYT Offers an Exhaustive (and Exhausting) Guide to a Week’s Family Meals

It’s good to have a plan and Leslie Kaufman, writing in today’s New York Times’ Dining Section, shares her "Mom’s Guide to Working, Living and Feeding two kids (and one husband) week in week out".

Okay, the story isn’t called that but that’s what Kaufman manages to pull off. Her repertoire and variety of menu options is impressive though personally I’m not convinced by pita bread pizza. 

The best tip she offers up is the Sunday afternoon prep for the week ahead. Many a fresh marinara sauce, Moroccan chicken or beef stew has been "hatched" on a Sunday in our house in preparation for a busy week ahead.

I’ve just got one gripe about cooking dinner in the Kaufman household – it doesn’t seem that she has that much fun. We all know it’s tough to pull off post-work family meals but I think she probably enjoys cooking more than she lets on in the story.

After all, what a shame if Thursday night take out is the meal you most look forward to?

- Matthew

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