Grilling Bad for the Health? It Sure Makes Broccoli Taste Good

Regular readers will know our crusade to make green veg more palatable and appealing to the younger palette (in ways that doesn’t include painting it brown).

This summer on vacation, I hit on a newish way of cooking broccoli on the grill so that it still has veggie goodness but also packs some caramelized flavor that fools the kids into thinking they’re eating something they might choose of their own accord.

The secret is to blanch the broccoli stems for at least two minutes in boiling water then give them a quick ice bath before prepping them with olive oil, salt and pepper. (Before I’ve always been struggling to cook the broccoli fully without burning them on the open flame.)

Once they’re fully-coated in the oil mixture, you cook them for five minutes on the grill (low-medium heat if you have gas), at the sides of the grill if you’re cooking with charcoal.

The result is non-crunchy, cooked florets complete with that slightly charred grilled yummyness.

But how good for the kids is all that carcinogen-inducing grilling you ask? Everything in moderation we say….after all, summer only lasts about two weeks in my part of the world!

- Matthew

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  1. ellia says:

    I thought the cancer-related dangers of grilling only concerned grilled meats, and that grilling fruits and vegetables does not produce the carcinogens. Is there different or new information about grilled vegetables?

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